We are bringing technology to life at the nanoscale in order to create a safer, healthier world.

Our technology makes real-time molecular data addressable and scalable to ultimately redefine how human and environmental health challenges are conquered.

Recent News: Nano, Arm Collaborate on Artificial Intelligence Chip

Microscope view

Real-time molecular data

Living systems are extremely dynamic and complex, containing vast amounts of measurable physical and chemical characteristics that are specific to each individual life form. Our approach turns each of these markers into addressable, secure, real-time data by collecting and processing information everywhere - from the real world to the lab.

This results in the critical connectivity of all relevant molecular information and previously isolated data for a given health challenge, leading to more interconnected, optimized solutions.

Improving and protecting human and environmental health

The data collected and inferences drawn will accelerate the development of tailored solutions that would be specific to a given problem, issue, environment, or life form. This knowledge will lead to faster product development, ability to predict outbreaks, and elimination of unwanted side effects from generalized solutions.

If NASA is outerspace, Nano is innerspace

We are pioneering a new era of innerspace exploration through our platform, powered by our cutting-edge artificial intelligence chip technology. The chip will utilize proven innovation from Arm® to access, analyze, and activate molecular data in real time.

The Nano Sense™ platform

Providing deep learning processing, our Nano Sense™ platform analyzes enormous amounts of addressable molecular data.

The Nano Sense™ chip

Our Nano Sense™ chip is designed to unlock molecular data, leveraging advances in AI, edge computing, and data acquisition technology.

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